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Official Rules
Here you can read the official rules of UB. We take rules very seriously and they should be followed strictly.

  • You can only have up to one account on this site per each home connection. If we detect any multiple accounts being used, we shall ban and close either or both of the accounts.
  • No flaming, or giving warning to Dox, abuse or carry out any activities based on but not limited to racism, and or personal abuse which may harm one's respect & moral values.
  • Don't compare, discuss or post links to any other similar forum. We have no interest in competing with other similar forums. That'd be considered as an indirect advertisement and the member doing so will be warned.
  • We have NO WAREZ policy. That means you cannot share torrents or direct download link to copyrighted materials such as but not limited to movies, games & Microsoft serial CD keys.
  • Selling of sensitive financial data such as but not limited to, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, bank accounts or any other remotely related accounts is NOT allowed (forbidden). Anyone doing so will have their accounts closed immediately as we have ZERO tolerance on such activities.
  • Selling of serial keys such as but not limited to Microsoft Windows(R) or any similar products is banned and NOT allowed. Anyone doing so will result in having a warning or their accounts banned, if needed.
  • You are not allowed to post any of the database/site dumps, be it any website. Furthermore you are not allowed to release any sensitive data of government or even any website. This includes but not limited to emails, passwords, ip address and other sensitive things. Doing so will result in an immediate banishment or warning being issued.
  • Selling user accounts from other forums is strictly NOT allowed. Doing so will result in either being severely warned or banned.
  • Decision of Administrators & STAFF are final as always, don't try to argue unless you want to be warned or get banned.
  • Don't double post. Double posting means posting of the same thread consecutively in two similar or different forums. Doing so will result in a "Cross Posting (Spamming)" warning.
  • Do not PM STAFF or higher authorities like administrator for various bullshit talks asking for any services , vouches or such other things, you'd be banned most likely, our time is precious.
  • Blackhat activities such as Phishing, fraud, credit card dumps, hacked payment gateways like PayPal, etc are censored topics here and bannable offense, any person trying to discuss about it will be warned and possibly have their account banned. You can read more about it in Reported Posts Help Doc.
  • Posting pictures or videos of any person whose system maybe compromised (for example one maybe infected/ratted), whether nude or not, is strictly prohibited. This is considered as blackhat activity over here and doing so will result in being warned/receiving infraction. Members should report such threads with reason "Disallowed Blackhat Activity".
  • No posting of child porn in any of related sections such as premium accounts and porn forum.
  • No Advertising of other similar forums, you'd be banned if you try to.
  • Trying to threaten a user is a offense and we take user's privacy very seriously.
  • No carrying out of hacking or other illegal activities in name of UB, whether directly or indirectly, we are not responsible for your consequences & actions.
  • Upgraded accounts should not be sold, if found, it'd be demoted to normal member and most likely banned, this is done to prevent the potential risks of scams.
  • Do not ask, give or make a verdict hinting for acquiring or providing reputation, its considered and known as reputation abuse and is dealt very strictly, you can read more about it in Reputation Abuse Help Doc.
  • Signatures must not be annoying or of advertising other sites in any forum or hinting towards abuse or racism or similar activities.
  • Do not ask for donations, you'd be warned.
  • Do not make another account if your original account is stolen or hacked, instead please go to Contact Form Page and describe your problems.

  • Important marketplace rules:

  • Asking for vouch copies in any form is not allowed unless the author of the thread has specified to do so.
  • Vouches from other forums (whether competitive or not) aren't considered or allowed to be displayed here. This is done to prevent site members from potential fake reviews or scams. You may consider giving out few vouch copies to members here in order to build trust, however.
  • Trashing or bashing of sales thread is forbidden and not allowed.
  • Selling user accounts from other forums is strictly not allowed. Doing so will result in an infraction/warning being issued.
  • Selling of serials or product keys is not allowed.
  • Selling any type of financial data or accounts such as but not limited to PayPal, credit cards, bank accounts, eBay, Amazon is strictly not allowed and is forbidden. Doing so will immediately result in a ban.
  • Selling of gift cards such as ebay, amazon, etc is prohibited. These items can be bought using fraudulent methods hence any sales of these are disallowed. Members trying to sell so will be warned.
  • Selling of any methods to verify PayPals including but not limited to VCC, VBAs or anything is forbidden and strictly not allowed. Doing so may result in "Marketplace Violation" warning being given.

  • Some useful links:

    Below are various helpful links which may answer your other unanswered questions or doubts or regarding your desire to know more about Ubers.